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Pastor Lewis Claxton and his wife Charlotte

Pastor Lewis Claxton grew up in a household with an underlying influence of alcohol, drugs and violence. Even though both of his parents tried their best in raising him and his two brothers, his dad slowly became an alcoholic and due to the influence of alcohol
and drugs, the family unit was far from what it should have been.

There were occasions when the police were involved due to domestic violence. This left Lewis as a young man struggling with fears and questions in his own mind about his family and about life in general. Lewis’s Dad cried out to God, asked God to change his life and after speaking with a friend of his, he became a Christian. The family started to go to The Potters House Church and over a short period of time, Lewis, even though only a young teenager at this point, realised the reality of his sin and his need to be right before God.

He received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and since that day has been serving God. God has done a miracle in his family which has been delivered from the violence and alcohol for many years. At the age of 23, Lewis got married to Charlotte Watts
who had been friends and had served God in the same church for many years.

Pastor Lewis Claxton and his wife Charlotte are happily married today.


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