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Bible Study Group

Bible Study

Destiny Decisions 

Each year we have made it a tradition to give the year a theme that aligns with God's will for our church. This year, 2024, has been named the year of making destiny decisions.


During our bi-weekly bible study we are looking at Joshua, learning about what the Word of God tells us and applying it to our lives.

Each week we are taking a biblical principle from the chapters of Joshua and unpacking it together.


Our bible study runs for about 12 weeks taking place every other Friday in the first half of the year. This year we have 3 bible study groups in and around the Erdington and Sutton area.


Together we attend one of the study leaders homes, dive into the Word of God enjoy fellowship afterwards.

To be a part of a bible study group visit us on a Sunday or Wednesday during service and speak to a bible study leader. 

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